Ben Wilson—Chewing Gum Man.

Ben Wilson: I am Ben Willson, also known as ‘Chewing Gum Man,’ and for the last 13 years I have been transforming discarded chewing gum into different art forms. 

So, the beauty of it is, if I paint on the gum, technically it's not criminal damage, hence, it means that the art can happen anyway—cos the gum is not under the jurisdiction of local or national government, so it means it’s a place where art can happen. 

It's like Finding No Man’s Land or common-ground and so there can be a spontanious action or an art form which either relates to me or the people that I encounter when I work.

JDA: Thank you so much! 

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Transcribed by Petra Trendafilova
Edited by Jamel Duane Alatise
Photography by Jamel Duane Alatise